Abstract: This project talked about around a mind controlled Mobile Robot taking into account EEG BCIs are frameworks that can avoid ordinary channels of correspondence (i.e., muscles and observation) to give direct connection and control between the human mind and physical tools by decode various examples of mind action into order little by little. With these charges can be controlled a portable robot. Here, we are dissecting the mind wave signals. Human mind comprises of a huge number of interconnected neurons. The examples of cooperation between these neurons are spoken to as thoughts and excited states. As indicated by the human considerations, this example will be changing which thusly create distinctive electrical waves. A muscle constriction will likewise produce an exceptional electrical sign. All these electrical waves will be detected by the mind wave sensor and it will change over the information into packages and transmit through Bluetooth medium. At that point the directions will send to the flexible robot . This project worked with human mind thought and control flexible robot depends on changing the muscle development with flickering.

Keywords: BCI(Brian Computer Interface),EEG(Electroencephalogram),Brain Wave Sensor, Mobile Robot.