Abstract: Tumour is an uncontrolled growth of cells in any part of the body. The tumour is of different types and they have different characteristics and different treatment. Brain tumouris one of the dangerous and life threatening disease, but can be operated if detected in the early stages. This project is to implement an efficient and accurate method for detection of brain tumour along with its position and area in the MRI Images of the Brain. MRI scanned image is taken for the entire process as it will not affect the human body. Initially the image is subjected to pre-processing stage to remove the noises present and for image resizing. Then it is subjected to segmentation by using two sophisticated algorithms namely K-Means clustering and Fuzzy C-means segmentation. Next the tumour cells and normal cells are separated and the area of the tumour is calculated. The stage of the tumour is assigned based on the area. Then the stage of the tumour is sent automatically to the registered mobile over the GSM.

Keywords: Brain Tumour, MRI, K means clustering, FCM clustering, Area calculation.