Abstract: Universal Serial Bus 3.0(USB3.0) is the next major revision in USB standards which provides very high data rate between PCs and devices. In this paper we are going to discuss how to enable USB3.0 support for embedded boards which can support Mass Storage Function, HID Function and Video Function. For the development purpose we are using Xilinx Zynq ZC702 Board as an embedded platform in which the new drivers will be loaded. So, in this work the ZC702 Board operates as a mass storage device. Similarly in the case of HID and camera, the ZC702 Board operates as a keyboard and camera device respectively.

Keywords: Universal Serial Bus(USB), Human Interface Device(HID), Mass Storage Device(MSD), Mass Storage Class(MSC), Field-Programmable Gate Array(FPGA), FPGA Mezzanine Connector(FMC).