Abstract: The Wireless Body Area Network (WBAN) plays a significant role in the present day applications considering energy, security, routing, load balancing, optimization etc. The applications of WBAN in recent times have significantly increased the potential of security and identification systems. However, the issues considering the identification and authentication, the performance of WBAN with respect to energy are still persistent. The concept of implementing the congruent and ubiquitous systems needs proper synchronization in between various heterogeneous nodes such as Near Field Coupling Communication transceiver network. This paper intends to develop a WBAN network in order to perform the efficient data transmission through human body between a mobile device and highly sensitive frequency detection node based on Frequency Selective Digital Transmission (FSDT) on the generation of unique code and with increase in data rate of potential communication system. The possible applications focused on the implementation of the technology include the efficient person identification system instead of general biometric identification, highly reliable ration dispensing system and secured ATM management.

Keywords: Wireless Body Area Networks (WBAN), Near field Body Coupled Communication (NFBCC), Intra Body Communication, Frequency Selective Digital Transmission (FSDT).