Abstract: Energy is important for the progress of a nation and it has to be saved or conserved. The most challenging task in the worldwide is reducing the energy demand in both residential and industrial sectors. Lighting systems are major source of electricity consumption in the cities and the rural areas. Technologies should be developed to produce energy in most user friendly manner and importance should be given to conserve energy. In the world lighting system consumes major source of electricity and huge amount of energy is wasted. Technologies are developed to use LED is offices, industries houses etc than traditional lights. Already installed lighting systems are outdated and energy inefficient. So in existing market lighting control systems are introduced. Because of high cost and maintenance, CO2 emission, the existing lighting systems are not efficiently applicable to be cooperative world. This paper introduces hybrid, low cost, wireless sensor based, adaptable smart LED lighting system to automatically control and adjust the light intensity to converse energy and to satisfy users. This system combines PIR sensor, light sensor and CO2 sensor to provide low power wireless solution. Communication is using zigbee transmitter and receiver. It also includes the facility of usage of renewable energy sources rather than the conventional power sources. Solar energy is the most importance renewable resource that can be used in case of failure to achieve the maximum efficiently. The paper represents the design and implementation of the proposed system in real time environment and it also focus on user preferences. It helps to provide more electricity to the rural people due to low power consumption.

Keywords: Lighting system, light emitting diode(LED), Sensors, Arduino, Energy saving, PIC16F877a, Zigbee.