Abstract: DC motors are used in many industrial and commercial applications require higher performance, reliability, variable speed, easier controlling stability, accuracy, speed and position control of motor is required. In this research paper we have taken an unstable DC motor model and work on LAG compensator and PID controller to obtain a stable model of DC motor for optimal performance. The LAG compensator and PID controller parameter is tested with an actual motor. In this paper is a simulation and experimental investigation of the development of LAG compensator and PID controller by using MATLAB. DC motor system performance are studied by Root Locus plot, Bode plot and step response that contains transient response and steady state response is drawn to analyze the DC motor performance. An optimal model is made for the DC motor and comparative study has done for DC motor for achieving optimal performance specification using LAG compensator and PID controller.

Keywords: DC Motor, MATLAB, LEAD Compensator, LAG Compensator, ON-OFF Controller, PID Controller.