Abstract: As cloud computing is a kind of Internet-based computing technology develops in recent years that provides shared processing assets and information as well as data to computers and other different devices on demand, outsourcing data to cloud service for storage becomes an important trend, which advantages in saving endeavors on substantial data maintenance and administration. The outsourced cloud storage is not completely reliable; it raises some security worries on how to realize data deduplication in cloud while getting integrity auditing. In this work, we study the issue of integrity auditing and secure deduplication of data on cloud storage. Specifically, aiming at accomplishing both data integrity and deduplication in cloud storage, we introduce two secure systems, namely SecCloud and SecCloud+. SecCloud presents an auditing entity with a maintenance of a MapReduce cloud, which helps clients create data tags before uploading a file as well as audit the integrity of data having been put in cloud. Compared with past work, the computation by user in SecCloud is extraordinarily diminished amid the file uploading and auditing phases. SecCloud+ is designed persuaded by the fact that customers always want to encrypt their data before uploading, and enables integrity auditing and secure deduplication on encrypted data.

Keywords: Cloud Storage, outsourcing, data auditing, secure deduplication, SecCloud+.