Abstract: Web-Page recommendation is of outstanding significance in todayís dynamic world of internet. Intelligent web systems discover useful data using web mining techniques so as to do effective web-page recommendation. The proposed model is based on domain knowledge of web site and integrates web usage and structure mining for enriched connectivity-based recommendations. It is basically a semantic enhanced web page recommendation whose foundation is semantic network (Knowledge map) creation of a website. This network represents domain terms, Web-pages and the relations between them. Each web page has associated PageID which helps to calculate PageHits and the analysis of links between the pages helps to calculate PageRank.The entire topology of the website can be restructured after analysing userís behaviour through PageHit counts and PageRank and a well-structured website attracts more number of user and this in turn generates a better website ranking in search engine results. A well maintained site architecture can entertain multiple users simultaneously and promotes optimum bandwidth utilization.

Keywords: Recommendation systems, Web usage mining, Web structure mining, Semantic network.