Abstract: Information sharing by digital media is a vital and challenging one. These challenges are faced with the help of cryptographic techniques. Cryptography is a progressive technology that Uses key for encryption with plain text. To provide the security of data while communication in cryptography Algorithm and Key are require. The integrity, confidentiality and authenticity of the data in communication depend on algorithm as well as on key. The length of key in cryptography is restricted due to human memorize ability. Only Cryptography is a technique which has a capability to transform the secure information over the internet. The main objective of this paper is to increase the security of communication by providing encryption to the information from the key generated by using an images. Based on the RGB image selected from database a key is generated which is further used for encryption and decryption purpose of the messages which is then transmitted and received between two sides. The AES algorithm is used in this technique on both side for encrypting and decrypting the original message. The generation of key from RGB image(color image)technique is a technique which will work better for key generation than available the traditional key generation method.

Keywords: Cryptography, encryption, decryption and key.