Abstract: In the current world the most important threat to servers across the world is Denial of Service attack. DDOS attack often target web based services hosted on high profile servers such as banks or credit card payment gateways. A DDOS attack is analogous or similar to multiple groups of people crowding the entry door or a gate to a shop or business and not letting legitimatize parties enter into the shop or business disrupting normal operations. There is a distinct need of such an application to stop multiple attacks on the system. These attacks originate from a singular point of contact. Being DDOS creates a massive flood of users which can extensively break the system and stop its functioning. This survey paper constitutes in depth study of the problems seen by multiple banks and card based businesses. The major problem seen in banks and their response on the same is studied in depth to provide the required solution to these problems.

Keywords: DDOS, Multiple attack prevention, Banking application, SDN.