Abstract: In this project, we are going to implement the healthcare monitoring android mobile application. The basic idea behind the healthcare systems is to monitor the human parameters using some wearable devices (sensors). Existing systems provides the monitoring of data using sensors and that data is send to android mobile application using some wireless communication techniques like (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi). And that data is send to the cloud based storage for further operations. Doctors can download that data from cloud anytime, analyse that data and send suggestions to the user (patient). By using existing system, the drawback is, data can only analyse by the doctor, but sometimes that may take long time for sending results to the patient. Sometimes that may be harmful to user (patient). In this project, this drawback is recovered using some advancement. In this project, the data collected from human body using some devices(sensors) is directly send to the android mobile application through wireless communication (like Bluetooth…). But this data is analysed by system server as well as the doctor. This will help the user (patient) to take some immediate action. System server will analyse that data and send to user (patient) as well as the doctor. This will also reduce the workload of doctor. System server uses some data mining algorithms to analyse the human body parameters. This will help to doctors as well as the user (patient).

Keywords: Bio-sensors, cloud data, mobile API, web application, data mining