Abstract: Digital video has become an important part of various technical and research field for efficient analysis of results. When the video taken for investigation it need to be clean for possible effective results. Every now and then when the facts containing video isn't clean and questions are not prominent as it should be then the fundamental concept of video enhancement comes into the picture. The video enhancement is the process which applied to the noisy video which contain more noise than the signal .The noise into the video can be introduce due to the different reasons such as environmental conditions ,Quality of video capturing devices, distance of object from video capturing device or any other technical reason can affect the quality of video . Thus video captured in such condition needs extra enhancement for the better results Therefore in this project we implemented the enhancement method for such low light video. Implemented method work in two stages in first stage noise reduction is done by using adaptive median filter & Gaussian smoothing. In second stage we are applied contrast enhancement of the video by using Weighted Threshold Histogram Equalization (WTHE) method. These two stags provide better enhance video from the input degraded video especially low light video.

Keywords: Video enhancement, low light video, contrast enhancement, WTHE