Abstract: Over the past decade, several major industrial accidents have led the chemical industries and national regulatory bodies to reinforce the safety and regulatory measures. Chemical leaks, such as ammonia, can be the origin of toxic releases. This can lead to severe consequences on the installations as well as the environment and nearby inhabitants. In this paper, we propose one such ammonia gas leakage monitoring system using Internet of Things (IoT), which is an advanced and efficient solution for connecting the things to the internet and to connect the entire world of things in a network. The values of ammonia gas, during leakage are measured using MQ137 sensors and are sent to the cloud wirelessly using a Wi-Fi module. The data is retrieved from the cloud automatically by the receiver and required action is taken (like sprinkling water, sounding loud alarms, issuing warning to the respective institutes for safety, etc.). In this paper, we also present to you the reflexes that have to be carried out after such accidental leakage of ammonia gas.

Keywords: Chemical leaks, gas leakage, Internet of Things (IoT), MQ 137 sensors, Wi-Fi module.