Abstract: In present Data traffic demand in cellular networks is increasing at an exponential rate. Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Long Term Evolution/ System Architecture Evolution (LTE/SAE) is the next generation radio access system that carries future end-user requisite. With the rapid use of the cellular network, operators have to give over momentous manual efforts to network management. Manual configuration and management of networks is a time-consuming, costly and error prone due to exponentially growing rate of mobile users and nodes. This shows the way to a preamble of self-organizing capabilities for network management with minimum human enthusiasm. A Load balancing as a part of self organized network solution has become one of the most active and emerging fields of research in Cellular Network. This paper is an attempt to review the various load balancing techniques presently used in mobile networks with special prominence on techniques that are appropriate for self optimization feature in future cellular networks.

Keywords: LTE, Load Balancing, SON, eNB, EPC.