Abstract: The cloud computing provides an efficient way of sharing the various resources. Most of the cloud computing platforms are not involved completely in service-oriented system architecture, which will bring more flexibility, high extendibility and reusability compared to existing cloud computing solutions. One of the key to service-oriented is cloud computing middleware. Considering if PaaS is the core is the cloud computing system, then the middleware is the core of PaaS. The exiting cloud computing platform is closely related to the middleware technology. Implementing the service-oriented on cloud computing is based on the assumption that middleware will be backbone of the cloud computing. Installing the new hardware based the new requirement on the existing system results in high cost. Even this will result in inefficient uses if existing hardware. Implementing the cloud computing results in efficient use of existing hardware to integrate with new hardware. Usage of cloud computing results in effective use of distributes resource. The general cloud computing platform helps the user to make use of rich resource and strong hardware support to resolve the larger-scaled computing at any time and any place. The middleware is the service-oriented system architecture of the cloud computing platform. This defines that middleware is a necessary part of the platform.

Keywords: Cloud Computing, Service Oriented System, Middleware