Abstract: In the modern digitalized world, the health care industries are moving towards the processing of those health records to analyze it for getting the immediate remedy for the complexities due to the mellitus. The growing of unstructured data has the nature if Big Data. So, we have to emphasis its size in nominal value with possible solution done by converting it as structured data. It is necessary because the health care industries have to face the difficulties over analyzing the Health data’s. The Diabetic Ailment (DA) was the one of the NCD, which is the major health hazard in the Developing countries such as India. The DA was associated with huge number of long term complications and health disorder. In this paper, the use of predictive analysis algorithm based on the ANN in MapReduce of Hadoop Environment have been able to predict the disorders associated with the DA and what type of treatment has been provided. By the analysis, this system provides an efficient way to take care of patients who has affected by the diabetics and help them to cure from it.

Keywords: Hadoop/MapReduce, Predictive analysis (Artificial Neural Networks), Big Data, Health care Industries, Diabetic Analysis (Non-Communicable Diseases);