Abstract: Dental Radiograph based human bio-metric information is the latest research area in the biometric identifier domain. Human identification is becoming one of the major worldwide issue now a days. Dental biometrics is the leading biometric technique to identify individuals on the basis of their dental characteristics. Dental Features of the person are naturally unique. They can be used to authenticate humans exactly or almost to the maximum possible similarity. In order to achieve our desired mentioned goal, dental biometrics automatically analyzes dental radiographs, stored in a database through some described processing. Here, we used efficient workable method to authenticate humans correctly and identify them properly, which is based on dental work information extracted from the dental data. The method used here comprises of some processing stages that processing stages include preprocessing, feature extraction, KNN classification etc. This whole part is implemented in Matlab software for easy identification. The results obtained by using this identification system are very encouraging. Accuracy rate obtained by the system is 92.03%.

Keywords: Dental biometrics, Radiographs, KNN classification, Accuracy rate