Abstract: Now this era there were so many natural calamities and are not easily solvable crate. This will caused unusual happenings result in human lives being gone forever. In order to help those suffered under this bondage, a new revolutionary microwave life detection system which is used to locate human beings buried or trapped under earthquake rubble has been designed. This system operating at certain frequency (range defined) can remotely detect the breathing and heart beat signals of human beings buried under this rubble. By application of signal processing of these signals, the status of the person under trap can be easily determined. a new creative idea using microwaves called microwave life detection system which can be used to detect human subjects behind the barrier, wall or under earthquake rubble is discussed. In the past when victims were trapped under earthquake rubble, collapsed debris, there was a little chance they would found. This was due to fact that rescue techniques such as optical devices, acoustic devices or robotic systems were found limited applications for the detection of buried victims. With the help of microwave signals the life signs can be detected as it is able to sense the heart beat and breathing signals of human being trapped under collapsed debris. A microwave life detection system operates at appropriate frequencies lies in X-band, L or S band.

Keywords: Life Detection System, L Band, microwave life-detection system, rescue robot.