Abstract: Today security is a main issue for protecting the resources. Security is important because risk of intrusion and theft has become increasing. Security is also necessary for protecting homes from fire and other leaking gases. Many people are using various types of security systems. We have found that most of the security systems are developed using Raspberry Pi, because the Raspberry Pi is a powerful small credit card size computer. Raspberry Pi works as computer it allow user to remotely access and control resources, it is affordable system than any other security systems. Raspberry Pi is compatible with most of the programming languages. Using Raspberry Pi user can monitor and provide security to their homes and commercial spaces. Raspberry Pi works with different sensors (PIR, Smoke, Temperature, Humidity, Gas) to detect or identify intruder or unauthorised access to homes and commercial spaces, it will also notify to the user about the illegal activity. Other than security Raspberry Pi also useful for learning so many things. This survey paper is focused on the design and implementation of security system based on IOT.

Keywords: Raspberry Pi, PIR, Wi-Fi, Sensor, Camera, ZigBee, Smart phone, IOT