Abstract: With the advancements in Nano technology the Macro scale devices are being replaced by Nano scale devices which are used in different fields for performing multiple tasks at molecular level. These Nano scale devices gather more accurate and detailed information from the environment where they are deployed, which is then communicated to other Nano scale devices over a Nano scale communication channel (to perform a collaborative analysis of system under study). The major drawback of using Nano scale devices is the availability of extremely low transmission power which results in spreading and molecular absorption loss in the signal propagated from one Nano device to another, thereby causing errors in transmitted message. The solution to this problem can be re-transmission, but this technique is not applicable to Nano scale communication because of the limited availability of energy source at each Nano node. So, the only solution to this problem is the use of error detection-correction or prevention techniques. Also, the already available error detection or prevention techniques cannot be used because of their complex nature, so energy efficient and less complex techniques need to be developed and used for such communication paradigm, making it an error free communication. This Paper presents a brief introduction to Nano scale communication, its applications, and limitations and finally proposes methods to overcome these limitations.

Keywords: Nanotechnology; Nano-scale devices; spreading loss; Molecular absorption loss.