Abstract: In this paper we report on a new approach for enhancing security and privacy. In the meantime, it is more difficult to secure the privacy of a mobile RFID-enabled device with the change in consumption habits, trending practices have changed from the traditional to the entity stores patterns. They have gradually transformed into the network of online shopping patterns, and most of online shopping is completed by the transaction through the credit card. However, with the traditional trading protocol, the credit card number and code (three digit codes), can be faked by cardholders to carry out all transactions. When the card is lost, the system cannot detect the implementation of the transaction, whether it is by the legitimate credit card holder or not. The main objective of this project is to develop an embedded system, which is used for security applications. In this security system we give access to the authorized people through the RFID tags and mobiles. This project can provide security for the industries, companies, etc. This security system gives information about the authorized and unauthorized persons.

Keywords: DTMF Decoder, GPS, LCD, Keypad, Microcontroller, RFID, Voice synthesizer.