Abstract: The Main goal is to eliminate the need of dedicated devices and other wearable devices. We are implementing to help the visually impaired people using simple android Application with the help of smart phones. By using image processing, object detection, speech synthesis the highlighted key components to use this application. Detecting object using image processing technique can be used in multiple industrial as well as asocial applications. The project purpose is to use object detection for blind people and give them audio or vocal information about it as well as we are doing feature extraction to search for objects in a camera view. To improve the day to day lives of visually impaired blind people and people with low vision. Keeping in mind the challenges faced by them we felt the need of an Android application to provide them necessary information about the environment and the objects. The paper gives an overview of a general method of object recognition and significance of ORB over SIFTS and SURFS in different cases. This paper also provides an idea to implement ORB algorithm on FPGA to increase the execution speed by utilizing the reconfigurable nature and pipelining of the FPGA.

Keywords: Image Processing, Speech Synthesis, Object Detection, Android Application.