Abstract: This paper introduces the concept and implementation of RSA algorithm for security purpose and to enhance the performance of software system using this algorithm. In this article we have done study about RSA algorithm. This study includes what is RSA algorithm and why they are used in the field of Cryptography & Network Security. After doing several works on this topic we came to conclude that RSA algorithm is important to Network Security because they are the components (i.e. Encryption & Decryption key) which interact with the Security system. Without them the system will be useless as RSA are used to fire a particular Encryption & Decryption keys process because of which Security system is build. Here we are dealing with general problem in which we have a particular Security system event of a software system and our objective is to secure that system into a software security because without software security system cannot be secure any things in this world. Here we are discuss with attacks made against the underlying structure of the RSA algorithm, which exploit weaknesses in the choice of values for the encryption and decryption keys, and their relation to the RSA modulus N.

Keywords: Digital Signature, PKC, Encryption, Decryption.