Abstract: QR barcodes are used extensively due to their valuable properties, including small tag, huge data ability, consistency, and high-speed scanning. However, the confidential data of the QR barcode lacks sufficient security protection. In this article, we design a secret QR allocation approach to protect the private QR data with a secure and reliable distributed system. The future approach differs from related QR code schemes in which it uses the QR character to get confidential sharing and can oppose the print-and-scan process. The secret can be split and conveyed with QR tags in the sharing application, and the system can retrieve the lossless confidential when authorized participants assist. General browsers can read the original data from the marked QR tag via a barcode reader, and this helps decrease the security risk of the confidential. Based on our experiments, the new approach is possible and provides content readability, cheater identify ability, and flexible confidential payload of the QR barcode.

Keywords: QR barcode, QR data, Distributed Secret Sharing Approach, Quick Response Codes.