Abstract: Wireless Sensor Network is one of the most important part in the field of Communication Technology because it costs less installation charges and has simple network operation. In present days, WSN is used widely in each of the important sector which requires confidentiality and security, hence WSN requires very advance security system. Basically Wireless Sensor Network system suffers from two types of attacks one is active and another is passive. When confidentiality is the most important aspect of any secured network, then it is better to detect intruder before it really harms the network. Therefore for operating a WSN in secure manner, many intrusion detection systems (IDS) were proposed. In this paper we are conducting the comparative study on IDS for wireless sensor networks with their advantages and disadvantages. We are also describing the future research issues and challenges along with their complexity.

Keywords: Wireless Sensor Network, Intrusion Detection System, HIDS, Cross layer, Nodes, Energy Efficiency