Abstract: User engagement, which has been addressed as the arousing, cognitive and behavioral relation that exists between a user and a source, is the result of reliable, aspect, relevant and interesting content. In this Project, we evaluate one type of appointment, “adhesiveness” also known to as site engagement, which is apprehensive about users “spending time” on a site. The Site success depends on itself, but also it is dependent on how it is connected on the web and how the network traffic arrives towards it. This is of more concerned with large online providers, such as AOL, MSN and Yahoo websites!, which provides a mixture of content sites (e.g. news, sport, e-commerce) Social network sites (SNSs) and this has attracted the educational and engineering researchers intrigued by their affordances and reach. Like other online contexts in which individuals are knowingly able to construct an online representation of self such as online dating profiles and MUDS—SNSs constitute an important research context for scholars investigating processes of idea management, self-presentation, and friendship performance. The way of improving online interactivity is becoming a valuable way of communication quality of business web sites. As a result, it is important that web site designers understand the idea and how it affects the superiority of web site design.

Keywords: Site Engagement, Dwell time, security, Website Content.