Abstract: This paper presents a comprehensive and algorithmic study of face detection that is crucial. Face detection is a necessary first step in the face recognition system, in order to locate and extract the region from the bottom. It also has many applications in intelligent interfaces such as content-based image retrieval, video coding, and video conferencing, monitoring crowd and human and computer. Until recently, however, face detection has received considerable attention from researchers. Face is a dynamic object, and has a high degree of variability in appearance, which makes the face detection is a computer vision problems. Face detection is one of the most studied computer vision problems, not only because of the object's challenge, but also requires many applications in face detection applications as a first step because of. Over the past 15 years, tremendous progress has been made thanks to the availability of data collection conditions, not limitations on the Internet (called sexual), community efforts to develop publicly available benchmarks as well as in powerful computers Visual algorithm development progress

Keywords: Computer Vision, Face recognition, Face detection, Geometric Method, Image Retrieval, Template Based Method.