Abstract: The process of embedding information into another object/signal can termed as watermarking. The basic idea of watermarking is embed a stealthy image into the image needed to be secured. The stealthy picture is gotten from the first picture and ought to convey adequate data to guarantee copyright check. Digital watermarking is one of the best solutions to prevent illegal copying, modifying and redistributing the multimedia data. Encryption of the multimedia products prevents an intruder from accessing the contents without a proper decryption key. Digital Watermarking is the process of embedding data called a watermark into the digital media such that watermark can be detected or extracted later to make an assertion about the object. The Proposed research aims to develop an improved Watermarking approach which is based on DWT and SVD along with encryption of color images with higher imperceptibility/quality, large capacity/payload and better in robustness/resistance to attacks. We have tested the proposed system on various images from standard dataset as well as from real world images. Performance of the same had been analyzed by calculating normalized correlation (NC), peak signal to noise ratio(PSNR) men square error (MSE) for various attacks. Moreover the performance of had been compared with Tapas et al Algorithm, DSAWM Algorithm.

Keywords: Digital Watermarking, Image Security, DWT, SVD, Watermark Attacks.