Abstract: This paper is presents Intelligent Network for Traffic Control System. The network is used to pass the traffic. The system uses machine learning for giving the dynamic count to the Traffic System. “Emergency Vehicle Clearance”& “Automatic Fine Collection” are the sub modules of the System. Each individual vehicle is equipped with Infrared Frequency Identification (RFID) tags i.e. attached to vehicle at the time of manufacture to particular location, which makes it impossible to destroy or remove. The Infrared (IR) Sensors are used to generate the count of vehicles that passes the signal. The system maintains huge amount of data of each vehicle at the server machine. The Green Light Duration is depending upon number of vehicles. The traffic rule break collection is collected automatically through RFID tag. The person, who breaks the rule, gets the mail or message from the system.

Keywords: RFID: Radio Frequency Identification Tags and Readers, IR Sensors: Infrared Sensors, Android.