Abstract: We humans have five sense and the sixth is the one we have internally. Being a human we can talk and put over opinions to others. You can read this paper and understand the information as I have written it over the time. Talking and chatting is the best communication tool found since discovery of the universe. We have ears to listen, tongue to speak and eyes to see. All this things together make you a perfect human. We grow by learning and no body teach us how to talk, how to walk, run and do natural things. It is true that talking and recognizing speech is very easy for us. But when it comes to the computers they are not comparative with the human, Computers are evolved so much since last few decades, now a days robotics and computers can do such things which are near to impossible for human. This paper talks about the computers having the artificial intelligence, computers that can understand human, computers that can listen to the person and give voice based feedback. Same as talking to the real person. I will be discovering the basics of the Artificial intelligence and the need of that along with the chat bot integration in the computers.

Keywords: Chat Bot, Artificial Intelligence, AIML, Real-time Chat, Human Behaviour, facial expression, ALICE