Abstract: As a subscriber becomes more aware of the mobile phone technology, he/she will seek for an appropriate package all together, including all the advanced features of a cellular phone can have. Hence, the search for new technology is always the main intention of the prime cell phone giants to out innovate their competitors. The wireless industries are busy with the standardization of the ‘4G’ cellular networks. The 4G concept shave already moved to the standardization phase, we must begin to work on the building blocks of the 5G wireless networks. The major difference from a user point of view , between current generation and expected 5G techniques must be something else than increased maximum throughput, other requirement s include low battery consumption , more secure we refer to this goal as enabling the 4 A’s paradigm that is ,”Any rate”, “Any time”, ”Anywhere”, ”Affordable”. 5G stands for 5thGeneration mobile technology. 5G is used to denote the next major phase of mobile telecommunication standards beyond the 4G standards. In particular, this paper focuses on the features such as broadband internet in mobile phones, with a possibility to provide internet facility in the computer by just connecting the mobile and with a speed of 10 GB/s and more.

Keywords: 4G, 5G, cloud computing, Bandwidth, Dynamic Adhoc Wireless Network.