Abstract: Now days purchasing and shopping at big malls is becoming a daily activity in metro cities. We can see huge rush at malls on holidays and weekends. The rush is even more when there are special offers and discount. People purchase different items and put them in trolley. After total purchase one needs to go to billing counter for payments. At the billing counter the cashier prepare the bill using bar code reader which is a time consuming process and results in long queues at billing counters. Our aim is to develop a system that can be used in shopping malls to solve the above mentioned challenge. The system will be placed in all the trolleys. It will consist of a RFID reader. All the products in the mall will be equipped with RFID tags. When a person puts any products in the trolley, its code will be detected and the price of those products will be stored in memory. As we put the products, the costs will get added to total bill. Thus the billing will be done in the trolley itself. Item name and its cost will be displayed on LCD. Also the products name and its cost can be announced using headset. At the billing Counter the total bill data will be transferred to PC by wireless RF modules.

Keywords: Reader, RFID tags, wireless RF modules, IR rays.