Abstract: Learning Management Systems using cloud computing technologies are a growing and they are addressing the University and Institution need for access to the study material and courses to raise the standard of education system within the educational system. The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the two factors that can influence the Universities and/or Institution decision to adopt e-learning management systems as a part of their facilities. Factors related to e-learning being considered include its effectiveness and its security. This paper addresses these factors from the viewpoint of decision maker of the Institute who determine the adoption of e-learning system in their Institute. The two independent factor that is cost effectiveness and security issues was analyzed in comparison to the management interest in adopting e-learning systems. A positive relationship was found between the independent variables: cost-effectiveness and the dependent variable the management interest in adopting e-learning systems for the Universities and/or Institution. And no significant relation was seen between security and adoption of e-learning systems.

Keywords: Online Learning, E-Learning, Learning Management System